EPP condemns Russian attacks on Estonia

Posted in Europe | 16-May-07 | Source: European People's Party

The EPP Political Bureau, meeting in Brussels on 15 May 2007, unanimously adopted the following resolution:

"Having regard to the recent events in Estonia beginning with riots on 26 April 2007, started by Russian-speaking extremist groups and resulting in wide-spread vandalism and violence in Tallinn; as well as further actions and statements by the representatives of the Russian Federation

Condemns the blockade and hostile obstruction of the work of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow for 7 days by demonstrators of the Russian youth organization "Nashi" which included physical attacks against the Estonian and Swedish Ambassadors, tearing down the Estonian flag on Embassy territory, threats to demolish the Embassy building, and labelling Estonia a "fascist" country;

Condemns the barrage of incendiary declarations and slanderous accusations made in the Russian media and by high ranking politicians, including an official statement by the State Duma delegation on its visit to Tallinn, intervening in the internal affairs of Estonia;

Condemns the extreme methods that the Russian Federation has used to pressure one of the Member States of the EU, including cyber attacks to hamper the official communication lines of Estonian Government institutions and the Office of the President, wide-scale suspensions of contracts with Estonian firms and threats to cut off energy supplies to Estonia;

Calls for respect to all victims of the Second World War and refuses all efforts to exploit their memory for political purposes;

Is deeply disappointed in the manner of communication by the Russian Federation which has refused to reply to the peaceful overtures of the Government of Estonia or to engage in dialogue;

Calls on the Russian authorities to enter into dialogue and cooperate with the Estonian authorities, especially in the case of identifying the source and stopping the cyber-attacks.

Expresses its solidarity with the sovereign Republic of Estonia, a Member State of the European Union and NATO, and its Government that has fulfilled its responsibility in guaranteeing security and public order in the country.

Calls on Russian Federation and its authorities to respect the sovereign rights of Estonia as an independent Member State of the EU and NATO, to fulfil its international obligations under the Vienna Convention and refrain from any interference in the internal affairs of Estonia"