Succeeding in Afghanistan

Posted in Broader Middle East , NATO , Afghanistan | 08-Sep-10 | Author: George Grant

The purpose of this report is to make the case for why the conflict in Afghanistan can and must be won, to explicate the strategy currently being pursued, and to argue that this approach is the right one. It also seeks to provide an overview of the course of operations since 2001 and to explain why progress has until recently remained elusive. At the heart of this report is the argument that winning the conflict in Afghanistan is about much more than the mere elimination of insurgents; it is about the elimination of the conditions that give rise to those insurgents in the first place. The surest way of eliminating the conditions that sustain the insurgency in Afghanistan is through the pursuit of a properly resourced, population- centric counterinsurgency strategy, such as that which NATO forces and the Afghan government are now seeking to implement.