Palestinian Authority libel: Israel encourages PA child terror for PR gain

Posted in Broader Middle East , Israel / Palestine | 27-Mar-04 | Author: Itamar Marcus| Source: Palestinian Media Watch

and Barbara Crook


The standard policy of the official Palestinian Authority (PA) daily Al Hayat Al Jadida is to twist and distort news stories in order to portray the Palestinians as victims, regardless of the facts. Now, with the world's increased awareness of the role of Palestinian children in suicide terror, the PA has created a libel against Israel that again attempts to turn Palestinians into victims.

Today’s official daily described as a “lie” Israel’s report on yesterday’s suicide terror attempt by a 14 year old. The Israeli report, documented on TV and broadcast around the world, shows a young Palestinian boy wearing an explosive belt. Israeli soldiers guide the boy to safely remove the bomb belt.

Last week Israeli soldiers stopped a 10 year old who carried a suicide belt planted by Palestinian terrorists without his knowledge. That, too, was called a lie by the PA daily.

Most interesting, though, is the reason the Palestinian Authority has given for the Israeli "lie.” According to the PA, Israel creates lies about PA child terror in order to encourage other Palestinian children to be involved in terror, which in turn helps Israeli PR.

The following is the PA explanation of “Israel’s lie” as it appeared in the PA daily:
“The occupation, [Israel] in this situation and with this lie, is playing with its own blood, and it is like they are encouraging children to go from stone throwing to use of explosives, and involvement in actions which are beyond them. Israel’s focusing accusations about children [in suicide terror] is in fact an open invitation to other children to imitate the accusations, because it is characteristic of children to blindly imitate. The occupation's [Israel's] public relations gain through this false accusation may come back as a boomerang, but it is clear in this case that the occupation is striving to plan public relations lies.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida March 18, 2004]
In this way the PA is once again misrepresenting itself as victim instead of perpetrator.