Badakhshan residents rise up against the Taliban

Posted in Afghanistan | 10-Aug-13 | Source: Ariana News

Residents of Urgo district of Badakhshan have taken up arms against the Taliban. As a result, the district has been cleared of insurgents and Qari Fatah with six of his men fell as a result of local residents uniting to oppose the Taliban.

Public discontent against Taliban actions in Argo district of Badakhshan is strong.  In this area, most of the Taliban are Uzbek and Pakistani Taliban members. The fact that they had no local support and had been trying to cause instability in the region against the interests of most of the people led to the public uprising.

The trigger event that led to the public uprising was the killing of a school teacher by the Taliban. Eventually this public uprising resulted in support coming also from the Afghan National Security Forces.

Spokesman of Badakhshan governor, Maroof Rasekh said, "A member of the Uzbek Taliban network has been detained by uprising participants and national security force members."
According to him, "The person organizing the attacks against local residents was from the Tajik border forces."

"Soon the people will be united all across the province against the Taliban," Badakhshan people said.

Last year similar revolts also occurred against the Taliban in the Logar, Ghazni, Nangahar, Kandahar and Laghman provinces.